Sunday, 29 March 2009

Trailer park trashiness - Trailer Happiness

The Indie girl's birthdays are always a highlight of the social calendar, so when the call went out for a night of getting trashed in Trailer Happiness on the Portobello Road, the Northerner and I didn't need much persuading.
The Indie girl is one of the most popular people I know and her crowd of media, film and fashion types certainly hit all the right buttons in this bar, despite all of us being a comfortable decade or so ahead of the rest of the crowd.
The Trailer crowd are certainly not trashy with a fair share of Notting Hill pretty young things, and on Saturday night a lot of very fashionable Australians (not an oxymoron I hasten to add). The bar markets itself as a tribute to kitsch 60's California with a spot of tiki bar going on. Whatever that means. However despite the marketing spiel, the place is pretty damned cool. I kicked off the evening with a rum version of a Moscow Mule which was pretty damned fine, and went down far too quickly. The Northerner worked her way through a couple of Caiprissima's with a hint of ginger and lychees thrown in, which seemed to work for her just nicely. The music was a glorious mix of eighties and nineties classics with highlights including some old school Bob Marley, Quincy produced Michael Jackson, and later on Whitney chiming in getting everyone 'wanting to dance with somebody'.
We had a superb night. With the Indie girl also being both a fashion girl and from the North, her and the Northerner had more then a few things to catch up on. I proceeded to bore the pants off a charming young couple by trying to draw analogies between my life in change management comms and their life of celebrities actors, film PR and the Empire awards. I bet they feel glad to have met me.
I hadn't been out in Notting Hill for a while and had never been to the Trailer. Saturday reminded me how much I like the place, and I'll definitely head back to the Trailer.

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