Sunday, 12 July 2009

Vintage Stuff - The Green, Clerkenwell

Listening to feedback is not one of my strengths. As per the tabs at the base of this blog, if you don't think I'm funny, interesting or cool, then 1) I assume you don't know me; 2) you haven 't heard or read me; 3) you have a problem; or 4) a combination of points 1, 2 and 3. However every so often you have to doff your proverbial cap to someone who has both superior knowledge and experience in your chosen field. Thus it was that when I met the Design Journalist - who has an impressive record of writing and editing in broadsheet newspapers and quality magazines to her name - I thought I should pay attention. 'Nice blog but you should write about the food' she said.
And in an instant the editorial direction of this blog had changed and food from here on in, would receive equal billing with drinks. Despite the diet.
So on a warm Sunday afternoon in which the Northerner and I had spent hanging with the funky and pretty young things at the Clerkenwell Vintage Fair, we decided that we needed to find a place to rest our wary legs, take a drink or three and hopefully a spot of lunch. We stumbled on The Green in Clerkenwell - a fabulous little corner pub which came complete with three hip and funky bar staff / waiters, a rock n roll charged jukebox and best of all the promise of a 'legendary Sunday lunch'. Music to the our hungry ears. And the food was definitely very good if falling slight short of legendary. The Northerner's roast chicken seasoned with fresh herbs was succulent and flavoursome. I opted for the pork (apparently it's on my diet), which despite the fact that I had to leave the crackling was nicely seasoned and perfectly cooked. The roasted stuffed apple was a nice touch. Oh and any pub that gives you five (yes five) roast potatoes each plus a healthy smattering of greens and near perfect Yorkshire puddings is worth another visit. Desserts of rhubarb crumble and ice cream, and seasonal strawberries and cream were equally top notch.
The pub itself was full of well-off 30-somethings who can afford and choose to live in what is an undoubtedly affluent area - they seemed to be recovering from or topping up their hangovers which gave the place a buzzy atmosphere. Something which was amped up several notches when by chance we bumped into Heavy D, his bro the Photographer and my new friend / cum critic the Design Editor. A couple of raucous rounds and attention-demanding stories later and I don't think anyone was in the mood for stemming the flow of drinks, much less leaving until common sense prevailed. But back to the Green, which is a lovely little pub, and merits at least a visit for the food alone. Did you see I mentioned food again? Who says I don't do feedback.


  1. I know Chaz the owner! - very nice chap

  2. you know this was a couple blocks from my flat on St John's? I'm thinking we must have been there at some point....i know at least Don has