Friday, 6 March 2009

Brazas, Tulse Hill

After several months of trying to get it together, the Rock Star, his other half and I finally met for dinner at his favourite haunt, Brazas in Tulse Hill. Many places claim to be family run, but Brazas, with Mom and Dad in the kitchen and son out front of house, is the genuine article.
The Northerner and I have eaten there several times for lunch so are fairly well known by the team. However the Rock Star and his partner are in a different league, having eaten there for at least once a week since it opened over a year ago. Mind you, given the combination of hearty food a great selection of Portugese and South American wines and the loveliest service you're likely to find in the Dirty South I can see why. Brazas does big well seasoned mains, complemented by big flavoured wine, and delicious desserts of which the portions are massive. In fact, to use that most hackneyed of advertising expressions, the only thing that isn't big is the prices !!!
I shan't run through the menu as it something you should discover for yourself, but I'm especially fond of the spicy fishcake starters and any of the panfried salmon, Sunday roast pork, or steak main courses. While you can't go wrong with any of the dessert choices, from pavalovas, to oven baked cheesecakes.
You never have to book and you are never dining alone. The Rock Star is worried about how it will survive given it's Tulse Hil'ish location and the credit crunch. I think with the combination of food, service and price that it offers, it will be just fine.

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