Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Market Coffee House, Spitalfields

So how about a big bold claim - the Market Coffee House in Spitalfields is the best cafe in London. Not convinced? Well over the last year or so it's become a regular – i.e. daily - haunt for me and my good buddy, AKA the Rock Star. We've become genuine fan and the Rock Star knows a thing or two about fandom. Here are some of the reasons why we are so keen on the place.

Reason One - great coffee. Obvious I know, but it’s surprising how many cafes serve bitter, weak or what I personally regard as the cardinal sin of coffee - lukewarm. Not so the Market.

Reason Two - Great food. The ham and cheese toasted sandwiches are the heartiest and best in London; the cakes, simply to die for.

Reason Three – the staff. Everything that is good about London service is represented by this multicultural (English, European, Antipodean) team of hipsters who prove that being cool and friendly can co-exist. Oh and they are very good at their job. And they are very good looking. Or so the Rock Star says.

Reason Four – the management. I don’t know the owner’s name but she is the personification of charm and serenity. She also comes with the cutest Jack Russell.

Reason Five – the customers. Besides the Rock Star and me you have your mix of East London hipsters; fashion conscious European tourists; Americans on gap year both MacBooked and TimeOut’ed; and the odd stray from the City to provide the pantomime hate figures.

The Rock Star and I have been there today. We will go again tomorrow. I suggest you drop by sometime.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review! I feel I should point out that we no longer run under the name The Market Coffee House, but The English Restaurant: www.theenglishrestaurant.com - same great coffee, only now with gorgeous food and an extraordinary wine list to boot! Might it be possible to change the name/put a line about that here? I know there's been some confusion in the past.
    Warm wishes and thanks again for the support x