Sunday, 1 March 2009

Aquum, Clapham High Street

It's always nice to try out new bars, and you don't get much fresher then three day old Aquum on the Clapham High Street. A beautiful West End style bar complete with faux (one assumes) crystal chandeliers, white / pink interiors, and a load of mirrors lest you forget how you look, the bar is split over three levels complete with its own VIP section. Old timers might say Aquum sits slightly at odds next to the legendary La Rueda ,and across the road from the now very famous Loft Bar. Needless to say Big D and I were not accorded VIP status and were down with the commoners, but a beautiful Whisky Sour followed by several Negra Modellos kept us in good spirits.
The clientele were a combination of Girls Aloud and Take That in style and probably age, but had that open friendliness that always surprises visitors to the Dirty South.
When we returned after a fun filled 'interlude' of pop, hen parties and cocktails in a bowl at Mahiki south, AKA the Sugar Cane in Clapham Junction the place was absolutely jumping.
The music had kicked in and the Big D started throwing shapes that you don't normally see on a conventional dance floor, or for that matter anywhere outside of a ring.
Great service, laid back but very efficient bar staff, and numerous but rather nice door staff all combined to make the place work. Very well in fact. Hopefully it will survive both the credit crunch and the competition.

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  1. Big D throwing shapes on the dancefloor could so easily be misinterpreted by the door staff ..