Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Up on the roof - The East Room

Roof terraces are a particular passion of mine, and those that come complete with a fully stocked bar and cocktail waiter, preferably with a hefty dose of sunshine, are the perfect place to spend a summer evening. Wednesday’s unseasonably warm weather meant it was tools down early so I could meet the Northerner for a tipple at the East Room on Tabernacle Street.
The East Room happens to be my favourite bar in London, in no small part due to the fact that in a moment of madness they made me a life member. However the place has a lot more going for it then that. The roof terrace is not as stylised as the one on the nearby Shoreditch House, or as slickly managed as the rather bland Coq d Argent, and is all the better for that. The East Room’s terrace is smaller, less structured and given its lack of height relative to the nearby buildings, very, very urban. You can peer over the wall and watch graphic designers throw balls around their office, flirt and generally do everything but design. Or so it seems. The terrace also has its own little allotment in which they grow herbs. Just to add that rustic touch.
The crowd is generally very media and cool, although having said that, at the table near to us a group of American women were trying out their best Sex and City impressions - quaffing champagne and or cocktails, air-kissing galore, and speaking very loudly. Unfortunately for them the illusion was rather undone when they started debating which makes the best canned food- asparagus versus mushrooms. I kid you not.
Meanwhile a couple of Italian bankers behind us were slightly confused and bemused - they clearly thought they were going to Shoreditch House and were rather taken aback by the lack of celebrities. Which in my view is what makes the East Room a great place – no celebrities and no bankers, but maybe that’s just me.
And finally, in a feeble attempt to overcome the false advertising allegations made about the blog I did try a Bloody Mary – and pretty damned good it was too. Very spicy, and very, very strong. Near perfect really. Or maybe that’s just me.

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